The benefits of social media advertising

Social media marketing is the “must do thing” for entrepreneurs. Same as online brand management, optimal online advertising can directly demonstrates a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales. It is a big thing for advertisement industry. This article by Jayson DeMers shows some of the ways social media advertising can improve your brand sales:

  1. Increased brand recognition

Social media is a great channels for your brand’s recognition. You should catch every opportunity for promote your brand at social media. It makes you are easier to know new customer, and more familiar with existing customers. A customer could recognize you after seeing you or your brand presence at lots different website

  1. More opportunities to interact with customers

Every blog you post on social media platform is a good opportunity for customers to interact with you. When you connect with them, you will have a chance to meet new customer and also know the demand of existing customers. Even your CTR is not high, but every positive interaction could increases your opportunity to success.

  1. Increased inbound traffic

Your inbound traffic will limited at your currently rank without use social media. The existing customers already familiar with your brand, so every post you made is an opportunity for have a new visitor. More traffic means more leads and more conversions, social media advertising can improve your brand in inbound.

  1. Lower marketing costs

According to Hubspot, 84% of marketers found that use 6 hours every week effort can increase web traffic. It means you just need less than 1 hour to manage your social media. It is not a huge investment but you can reap great rewards if you keep it up. You never have to worry about over budget, the more quality content you post, the less you will cost.

  1. Richer customer experiences

The core of social media is connect with customers. Every interaction with customer is a good chance to enrich your relationship with them. Use communication channel like Email and phone to keep in touch with customers. For example, if a customer complains your product on Facebook, you can take action to fix the problem immediately; also, if a customer is satisfied with your services, you can thanks them at first time. The richer customer experiences makes your customer know you are care about them.

These are some of the ways social media advertising can improve your brand, do you have any good ideal to share to us?

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